Elementary Guidance and Counseling Services

All elementary schools are served by certified guidance counselors. Each counselor provides classroom group guidance services and individual counseling sessions. Guidance lessons include social skills, conflict resolution, friendship skills, drug and alcohol education, career awareness and study skills.

Individual/group counseling may address improved self-concept, death of friend/family member, wellness, peer relations and separation/divorce. For a student to be seen on a regular basis by a counselor, a referral must be made to the counselor. A signed parental permission card is required.

Evening programs on the topic of effective parenting are occasionally offered at a central location. Each counselor will send home specific information in advance of the program. Our district also offers the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program. It is taught by a police officer, state trooper or sheriff's deputy. The purpose of this program is prevention and it deals with the causes of drug abuse.

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South Point Elementary Guidance Counselor

Jodi Fortner
                   (636) 231-2700               Guidance Counselor
  Heather Clark
                   (636) 231-2700               Guidance Counselor